Tim Duncan‘s illustrious career may be over. While he has stayed mum on that subject, the Spurs legend did recently speak with former teammate Bruce Bowen in an ESPN piece about being a veteran in the league.

In that interview, Duncan did not shy away from addressing his difficulty connecting with the younger NBA players.

When Bowen asked Duncan about sharing wisdom to young players, Duncan replied:

“I wish I could be that, be that profound, and say yes, but no. Half the kids I can't relate to. They walk in here and are like ‘Hey, I had your poster on my wall when I was five.' I'm like ‘Man, shut up. I don't want to talk to you.'”

After a truly disappointing playoffs for the Spurs, NBA fans across the world hope Duncan decides to return one more year to chase a sixth NBA title, or at least have a more fitting end to an incredible legacy.

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