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Top 10 revenge games in the 2019 NFL season

Revenge games are always a fine way to get the attention of sports fans. The 2019 NFL regular season schedules for all 32 teams were released Wednesday, and there are plenty of revenge games in store.

A ton of players will get the chance to show their former team they made a mistake by letting them go. In other cases, a team will get the opportunity to create a different result in a crucial game (a la the NFC and AFC Championship Games from last season).

Here are the top 10 revenge games that will take place during the 2019 NFL season.

10. Jordan Howard vs. the Chicago Bears

Earlier this NFL offseason, the Philadelphia Eagles were searching for a running back in free agency. They were unable to land any of the free agents, so they instead found their guy via trade: Jordan Howard.

Howard will get plenty of opportunities with the Eagles and will want to run wild against Howard’s former team.

9. Terrell Suggs vs. the Baltimore Ravens

It will be abnormal to see Terrell Suggs sport a jersey other than the purple and black of the Baltimore Ravens, a jersey he wore for 15 seasons. This offseason, he returned to where he played college (Arizona State) to sign with the Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals and Ravens will square off in Week 2 of the 2019 season.

8. Justin Houston vs. the Kansas City Chiefs

Another weird sight: Justin Houston trading red and white for blue and white in 2019. The Kansas City Chiefs cut Houston after he spent eight years with the franchise.

Houston then signed with the Indianapolis Colts. These teams faced each other in an AFC Divisional Playoff Game last season, with the Chiefs winning.

Houston will want to remain on the winning team, but this time for the Colts.

7. Kirk Cousins vs. the Washington Redskins

Just two seasons ago, the Washington Redskins had a chance to sign Kirk Cousins to a long-term deal. They decided to let him walk and Cousins signed with the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings had a disappointing NFL season in 2018, but so did the Redskins. Cousins will want to say “You like that!” after a victory against the team which drafted him.

6. Landon Collins vs. the New York Giants

Earlier this offseason, the New York Giants surprisingly decided to let Landon Collins test free agency without offering him a new deal. Collins decided to stay within the division to show the Giants they made the wrong choice.

5. Khalil Mack vs. the Oakland Raiders

Jon Gruden made a head-scratching move to trade Khalil Mack to the Chicago Bears before the 2018 NFL season. Mack collected 12.5 sacks on the season while the Raiders lacked a pass rusher (Gruden’s words, not mine).

Mack will get to see his former team up close this year and sack his friend Derek Carr as an example of why you don’t trade talented players.

4. Earl Thomas vs. the Seattle Seahawks

This comes higher on the list due to the behind-the-scenes drama between the two teams. Earl Thomas wanted a new deal before 2018 but the Seattle Seahawks weren’t budging.

Instead, Thomas got hurt early in the 2018 season and gave a big middle finger to the Seahawks sideline as he was carted off. He’ll want to give them another middle finger by beating them in 2019 with the Baltimore Ravens.

3. Le’Veon Bell vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers

Like the Thomas situation, there was tension between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Le’Veon Bell, who held out in 2018 after he was franchise-tagged for the second time by the Steelers.

Members of the Pittsburgh offensive line trashed him in the media and their relationship became irreparable. Bell landed with the New York Jets and will want to prove he’s still one of the best running backs in the NFL.

2. Los Angeles Rams vs. the New Orleans Saints

Last season, the infamous no-call on defensive pass interference swung the NFC Championship Game between the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints.

The Saints lost in overtime and the whole fan base had it out for the refs and the Rams. Now, the Saints get an opportunity to strike back.

1. New England Patriots vs. the Kansas City Chiefs

Arguably the best 2019 game on paper is New England versus Kansas City. These two teams squared off in the AFC Championship Game in January.

The Patriots had the last laugh as they won in overtime. They went on to capture their sixth Lombardi trophy. The Chiefs will want to establish themselves as the new kings of the AFC.