Don't know which weapon and simulacrum are the best? Find out who's who in our Tower of Fantasy Reroll Tier List Guide.

Like many other games with gacha elements, getting the right weapons early on can be a game-changer, and even more so in Tower of Fantasy. In this newest and hottest Gacha-MMO, some weapons are clearly more helpful than others in the progression stage of the game. In this article, we will be ranking the best weapons in Tower of Fantasy to reroll for in the game's permanent banner (meaning, excluding the Limited-time banner characters).

SSR Tier List

SS Tier

Tower of Fantasy, King, Samir
King – Out of all the high Shatter weapons, King is undoubtedly the best one out of the bunch. He has great damage, amazing shatter, and has a discharge that can auto-target foes, which is indispensable in many situations. Since you’re also likely to get many SSRs along the way, getting an A1 King (dupe) will ascend his Shatter power to SS, turning him to a must pick for many raids and other multiplayer modes.

King is also a huge quality-of-life upgrade for exploration, because there’s not a lot of good non-SSR flame weapons, and bringing a flame compound bow means you’re losing one useful weapon for combat. Flame attacks can be used to burn the vines surrounding supply pods, and also retrieve black nuclei from Kerosenia plants.

Samir – If you need damage, Samir is the best option you can possibly have. She has a high hit rate, great multipliers, and swift aerial attacks which keeps you safe from most grounded enemies. She’s not easy to play unlike King, but once you learn how to manage your stamina and endurance, she will bring you to the top of the DPS chart. 

S Tier

Tower of Fantasy, Tsubasa, Crow, Cocoritter

Tsubasa – While some people dismiss her as a generic bow weapon, Tsubasa can be surprisingly effective at dealing huge single-target damage and gaining weapon charge at the same time. Her ranged ice attacks are not only good at dealing high headshot damage, but also at solving world puzzles requiring ice attacks. She can also be a menace in PvP, especially when kiting slower foes. 

Cocoritter – She is the must-bring healer for any raid or boss fight, thanks to her unparalleled healing. Her very high charge power also means she can cycle weapon discharges quickly, and thus enhancing both your offensive and sustain capabilities.

Crow – At low advancement, Crow always seems to be behind Samir’s shadow, but his burst damage can actually surprise many players. When his Skill and Discharge are timed correctly, he can deal insane burst damage, especially when paired with other high-charge weapons.

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Huma– Tier

Tower of Fantasy, Huma

Huma – She is a really complex one, and that is partly why she has a tier of her own. Huma is some sort of a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’, as she has good offensive and defensive values, but not good enough to make her stand out in many situations. Most players would rather prefer to bring a DPS and a healer who excel in their own role, rather than one character who can do both, and then fall short when doing difficult content. 

Despite this, Huma is still very useful for many players, especially for most of the early and mid game, thanks to the versatility of her kit.

A Tier

Tower of Fantasy, Shiro, Meryl, Zero

Shiro – She has a very cool weapon and design, but her gameplay might feel lacking for hardcore players. Despite her role being a Shatterer, her best shatter move is locked be a 45-second cooldown skill, and is not much of a help outside of that. However, she is a team utility monster at her third advancement, due to her skill-refreshing passive and shatter bonus. 

Meryl – The abilities of this snow princess might sound good on paper, but unfortunately, she’s trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist yet in ToF. She can tank and shatter amazingly well, but a healer is more desirable in the current state of the game, and King is a better shatter weapon overall. 

Zero – It’s quite the shame that they designed Zero’s numbers as a support, when some of his abilities are well suited for the DPS role. He has good AoE, range, and animation times, but his supportive capabilities are either locked behind a 60-second cooldown skill, or behind many advancements. 

As the game continues to roll out updates, some weapons here might climb up or drop down a tier, but this Tower of Fantasy reroll tier list guide might stay the same for quite some while. Even if some of these are quite low in the tier list, all SSR weapons are still viable in the right situation, and it depends upon how you are going to optimize your team.

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