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Trae Young reacts to teammate asking for Rolex amid big money extension

Hawks, Trae Young

Atlanta Hawks star point guard Trae Young just got paid. As he inked a 5-year, $207 million contract on Tuesday, Young is set to get paid an average of over $40,000,000 per year – more than enough to buy whatever he pleases. Teammate Solomon Hill immediately took notice, as he sent out a tweet on Wednesday angling to get some new bling from Young and Hawks forward John Collins:

Hill’s shoutout to John Wall is a reference to way back in 2017, when Wall bought all of his Washington Wizards teammates Rolex watches as a gift.

Though the tweet was clearly meant as a joke in good humor, Young reacted to the tweet in a fashion that should give Hill cause for excitement:

Great leaders all have a specific style of cultivating hard work and a desire to play for each other, whether it be Michael Jordan’s choice to motivate with ferocity backed by his leadership by example, or LeBron James’ tendency to coach up his teammates and build camaraderie with them.

After having led the Hawks to the Eastern Conference Finals last year, where they fell short 4 games to 1 to the Milwaukee Bucks, Trae Young has clearly built an excellent rapport with his teammates on the court. Perhaps, to take his leadership to the next level, however, Young can maintain the respect from his teammates by giving them expensive gifts like Rolex watches. Anything that nice is sure to keep teammates around and motivated for the potential to receive more gifts in the future.

All jokes aside, it has been inspiring to see how much criticism and pressure Young has received from the media while still maintaining a level head throughout. As he and the rest of the Hawks’ young, talented core build on last season’s deep playoff run, keep an eye out for the drip on their wrists.