The Tyson Fury-Anthony Joshua fight date and location have been revealed thanks to promoter Eddie Hearn. While the date is rough and not shocking, the location will leave some people a bit bothered. Blood money, baby!

Tyson Fury-Anthony Joshua fight date: August 7 or 14

Tyson Fury-Anthony Joshua fight date, Tyson Fury-Anthony Joshua fight Location

“August the seventh, August the 14th. I think it's a very bad secret that the fight is happening in Saudi Arabia,” Hearn, head of Matchroom Sport and Joshua's promoter, told Sky Sports television.

Obviously, you can tell that the date of the fight isn't 100% locked down. Hearn claims the seventh or the 14th of August.

While this section gave us the Tyson Fury-Anthony Joshua date, it also provided something we'll touch on in slightly more detail now.

Tyson Fury-Anthony Joshua fight location: Saudi Arabia

Everyone involved must be taking a page out of the WWE's playbook, going after money most people would feel to gross to bother taking. And yet, here we are!

“It's the same people we did the deal with for Andy Ruiz, that event was spectacular. As partners they were fantastic as well,” Hearn added.

Now that we know the Fury-Joshua fight date and the Tyson Fury-Anthony Joshua fight location, people will surely handle all the information well and not meltdown as if they were told one of those two fighters are going to punch them in the face. For real, though… they couldn't fight somewhere without all the problematic issues? They trying to keep up with Logan and Jake Paul or something?