The United States is gearing up for the 2022 World Cup after clinching a ticket to Qatar back in March. Ahead of the USMNT's coveted return to international soccer's biggest stage, former team captain Landon Donovan issued a stern warning to the squad. Via Deadspin, Donovan revealed one key factor that could have a significant impact on the USMNT during the 2022 World Cup, and it's certainly something to think about.

Via Deadspin:

“What I found in the three World Cups I played in was that I was much fitter, fresher and in better form than most of the players we would play from around the world on other teams.”

“They were coming right at the end of their club season that ended in May and they were just physically exhausted. It’s really challenging. Do you give those guys a week off? Two weeks off? And then they’re right back into training. This will be the opposite. MLS guys would be at the very end of their season, presumably, pretty tired from playing a long season. And the European guys will be two, three months in and they’ll be fully fit. So it should be a really interesting dynamic to watch play out.”

While not all of the USMNT squad plays in the MLS, around half, if not more, of the expected World Cup roster currently plays in the United States. Unlike their counterparts in Europe, MLS players will have just wrapped up their season come the November World Cup, which could give an advantage to other nations who will be entering the competition under fresher legs.

Typically, the World Cup occurs in the summer, but due to the scorching heat of Qatar during the season, this year's tournament is slated for November. That's a pretty significant change, and the added fatigue is just another factor the USMNT will have to account for ahead of their coveted return to the big stage.

Donovan is one of the most experienced and talented players in USMNT history, so hopefully, the current squad heeds his advice ahead of what could be a training World Cup experience.