An icon has waved their final goodbye to an amazing career. Megan Rapinoe has played her last game for the USWNT. Their match against South Africa happened on home soil and everyone was there to celebrate an all-time great for women's sports and soccer. The legend got the opportunity to celebrate with the crowd after Emily Sonnett's Golazo for one last time as she left her career behind.

It was a corner kick cross in the 48th minute where every USWNT fan stood up. They knew that Megan Rapinoe's last moments as a player would be near. Rapinoe shot the ball right in the middle of the box against South Africa's defenders. It would then get picked up by Emily Sonnett for an absolutely stunning goal. Her chance to do her iconic goal celebration had finally come. Members of the USWNT faithful had finally realized that the end of an era had arrived.

A lot of fans were loving these final moments of her career. Some even complimented how this was such a fitting play to cap off an amazing journey, “A goal would have been a cherry on top for Megan Rapinoe but this is a fitting ending. Her corner-kick service was always exquisite… And the team celebration is pure joy.”

Others perfectly encapsulated how much of her career exuded a lot of swag, “Megan Rapinoe is a fucking legend. on and off the field.”

Rapinoe will always have a spot in the hearts of Americans. What a beautiful career they have had.