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Utah State QB Jordan Love could be an intriguing second-round target for the Colts

Utah State Aggies quarterback Jordan Love declared for the NFL Draft and it would make a lot of sense for the Indianapolis Colts to target him with one of their two second-round draft picks.

Love’s stats don’t necessarily jump off the page especially with his interceptions, but he has all the intangibles of an NFL quarterback.

In 2018, Love threw for 3,567 yards, 32 touchdowns, and just six interceptions and if he would have been able to declare he probably would have been a first-round draft pick without much debate. During the 2019 season, Love has had to adjust to a new coach and he has taken a step back throwing for 3,085 yards, 17 touchdowns, and 16 interceptions.

The interceptions are an issue, but there are so many positives surrounding Love’s game, and thedraftnetwork.com broke them down.

“Checks the boxes in terms of size and body composition. Good mobility and athleticism; capable of extending plays with his feet, hitting throws on the move and taking off with the ball in his hands. Sound mechanically. Over the top release that is efficient. Does well to follow through and get his legs involved on throws. Love how he hangs in the pocket and keeps his eyes down the field. Willing to test leverage advantages in man coverage and slot throws between zones. Aware of his outlets. Has the arm talent to make any throw. Has some impressive moments of ball placement to all levels.”

The big negative surrounding Love is his inability to react to different defenses and that has caused a lot of interceptions. It is in the best interest for Love and whatever team drafts him for him to sit a year or two and that’s why the Colts make a ton of sense.

The Colts are coached by Frank Reich, who has proven to be a great coach of quarterbacks. When he was with the Philadelphia Eagles, he got the best out of Nick Foles who helped lead the team to a Super Bowl.

The Colts also need to find their quarterback of the future, and that will probably be picked by Reich. He very well could go with Jacoby Brissett if he thinks there can be improvements in the offseason. If the team wants to stick with Brissett long-term, he is going to need to improve his play because the way he is playing now won’t be leading the team to the Super Bowl.

It would make a lot of sense for the Colts to keep Brissett for another year or two with Love sitting behind him, and then turn the keys of the franchise over to the Aggies standout.