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Vanessa Bryant outraged over unreleased Mambacita shoes out in the wild

Vanessa Bryant, Mambacita, Nike

Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant had many signature shoes over the years, and it seems Vanessa Bryant worked on a special Kobe shoe in honor of Gianna that was going to be released by Nike. However, Vanessa recently didn’t re-sign the contract with Nike, so this Mambacita shoe wasn’t supposed to see the light of day. At least not yet.

Except now, somebody apparently got their mitts on this Mambacita sneaker, and Vanessa is absolutely livid about it. She took to Instagram to express her outrage to make sure Nike heard about this:


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As noted in Vanessa Bryant’s post, this Mambacita shoe was supposed to be a special colorway for one of the Lakers legend’s shoes. It had multiple unique touches to honor Gianna, including the colors themselves to match her uniform, her name alongside Kobe’s and different symbols (butterfly, wings, halo).

Vanessa has no idea how these shoes were made and how they got in the hands of somebody else. They were not approved to be sold or even made in the first place. She recently decided not to re-up with Nike amid her frustrations with the company and how they were handling Kobe’s shoe releases. It seems her frustrations will only grow louder.

Given the recent release of the Mambacita clothing line, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Vanessa Bryant was hoping to release a special Mambacita shoe in the future, but not under the Nike umbrella. There has been speculation that she’s hoping to create a whole new brand for Kobe stuff. We’ll see how this plays out.