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Vanessa Bryant working with Nike to make it easier for fans to get Kobe Bryant shoes

Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant

Fans across the globe have been doing all they can to get their hands on Kobe Bryant shoes to no avail. Due to the struggles of getting Bryant’s shoes, Vanessa Bryant is attempting to work with Nike to make it easier to purchase his shoes in the near future.

Since it’s the holiday season, people are trying to purchase shoes Kobe’s shoes as gifts for someone. However, ever since the tragic death of Kobe Bryant in January, any memorabilia or merchandise that pertains to Bryant has been tough to purchase.

Nevertheless, Vanessa Bryant has a plan put together with Nike to make getting his shoes an easier process soon. But with the COVID-19 pandemic still being an issue, those plans will have to be put on hold until COVID-19 protocols are lifted.

During his playing career and even after he retired, Kobe’s shoes were one of the most popular series of shoes in the NBA. Even right now, there are an abundant amount of players in the NBA who still rock Kobe’s shoes while playing in games.

It has been a tough year for Vanessa Bryant and the Bryant family following his untimely death near the beginning of the year. As part of a way to help remember her husband, Vanessa co-authored a book that mentions Kobe.

People have been trying to discover ways to have an opportunity to add more of Kobe’s shoes to their collection in recent months. Even though her plan won’t come to fruition right this second, Vanessa Bryant has something conjured up that will likely excite fans of the five-time NBA champion.