With Victor Wembanyama coming out for the 2023 NBA Draft, the rest of the field is pretty much just competing for second place.

The 18-year-old is seen as a generational talent given his Rudy Gobert-like frame and defensive acumen mixed with an extraordinary offensive repertoire that makes him look like the MyPlayer freak we all created that one time when we were bored. But while it's basically a foregone conclusion for Wembanyama to go first, it's not the be-all and end-all for him if he were to drop down to second, or apparently even 20th.

Wembanyama recently spoke out in a media session prior to the start of the upcoming French league season. about the organizational fit mattering more than actually just going first overall in the NBA Draft:

Via Euro Hoops:

“Sports-wise, the most interesting thing is always to find an organization that will take care of the project and the player, Wembanyama mentioned. “So it’s better to be second, third, or 20th in the Draft if you have a better career afterward. But, I don’t know if it’s pride, I have a part in me that says that there must be no one in front of me.”

That's completely true, particularly for under-the-radar guys who needed the right coach and scheme to unlock his potential. But there comes a point wherein your talent is just completely undeniable that it's bound to come out no matter the situation. That's the level of prospect that most NBA scouts are branding Victor Wembanyama.