For 15 years, Alonzo Mourning was heralded as one of the most menacing presences in the paint in the NBA.

Known for his rock-solid defense, intensity, and leadership, the Basketball Hall of Famer is also an inspiration to many because of how he won over his personal health issues in the past.

To those in our generation, it’s almost blasphemous not to recognize Mourning and his stellar career. But the younger ones today understably get a pass for failing to do the same, even from “Zo” himself.

Will Manso of FOX Sports SUN shared a video on Twitter which saw the one-time NBA champion in a rather awkward situation when he learned that the kid he was talking to had no idea who was in front of him.

Perhaps some throwback sessions on YouTube is in the offing for the boy, care of his parents. Well, he is in for a treat.

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