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VIDEO: Jeremy Lin plays 1-on-1 with young fan in Iceland

Jeremy Lin, Beijing Ducks

With the Charlotte Hornets‘ season over, point guard Jeremy Lin visited Iceland to get away from it all and unwind from a long year.

He couldn’t stay away from basketball for too long, however.

While there, he met a young fan in an ice cream shop. The 14-year-old boy, Julíus Orri Agustsson, invited Lin back to his house to shoot some hoops. Lin obliged and, at least in the video below, it didn’t go too well for him as the teenager outscored Lin 4-2 (although, to be fair, Lin wasn’t exactly giving 100 percent effort):


As ESPN points out, Agustsson is pretty good at the sport in his own right, having led his team to the Icelandic Cup championship this year.

It’s always good to see athletes interacting with fans and it’s safe to say Lin gained a few more supporters after this.

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