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Video: Joel Embiid crashes live report on the street after Eagles won the Super Bowl

NFL history had just been made at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota Sunday night when the underdog Philadelphia Eagles won their first ever Super Bowl at the expense of the mighty New England Patriots.

Not only was this the lone Vince Lombardi Trophy for the Eagles, both teams also combined for the most yardage in Super Bowl history that only added to the game’s excitement.

No one in the City of Brotherly Love was spared from the euphoria and even the Philadelphia 76ers’ star center Joel Embiid was seen one with the people on the streets. The starting center in this year’s All-Star Game even crashed the crew of FOX 29 that was on a live feed during that time.

Here’s what Embiid had to say:

“That was amazing. You know, I’m happy for the whole city of Philadelphia. We’re gonna have a lot of fun. Now, we’re up next, and I’m gonna do my best to do it.”

Embiid sure is confident about his Sixers. The team is currently trying to hold its head above water as the playoff race in the Eastern Conference heats up. At 25-25, the Sixers are currently sitting at the eighth spot, but not comfortably as the envigorated Detroit Pistons are breathing down their neck.

Furthermore, Embiid let out an interesting factoid in his impromptu TV appearance — granted that it is accurate.

“I must be their lucky charm.”

Here’s the entire Embiid moment:

According to Embiid, the Eagles have yet to lose a game whenever he’s in attendance. If only he can bring some of that magic to the Sixers.