Things got chippy late in the Toronto Raptors‘ Game 7 win against the Miami Heat on Sunday.

With about eight minutes to go and the Raptors comfortably in front, Heat center Josh McRoberts stopped fellow center Bismack Biyombo from driving to the hoop, but did so in an, uh, illegal manner:

McRoberts was clearly frustrated as the Heat's season was getting out of reach. He wasn't ejected, but he was issued a flagrant one foul for the offense. On Biyombo's part, he didn't have a great reaction to getting fouled hard near his head and looked like he was going to retaliate initially, but he showed restraint and teammate Kyle Lowry pushed him away from the situation.

The Raptors would go on to win the game 116-89 to advance to the Eastern Conference finals, where the Cleveland Cavaliers await.

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