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Video: Kevin Hart roasts Kevin Durant with half-hearted congratulatory video after NBA Finals win

Comedian/actor Kevin Hart sent a congratulatory video on Instagram to Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant after getting his first championship in Monday’s Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

But it didn’t take long until the formality was over and Hart began to roast the Finals MVP for his post-game interaction with his mother, Wanda.

“I’ma tell you what I did notice, okay?” Hart said midway through his video. “You still getting your ass whooped by your momma.”

“I saw the way your mom gripped you up on that court. Momma Durant is still whooping yo ass. She said ‘look at me, boy, look at… boy!’ — Yo momma was about to spank yo ass. You still getting spankings! I know you getting spankings, I recognize when a mo**af***a getting whooped.”

“I love you man, congrats. Momma Durant, nothing but love for you too, but I know you still whooping his ass.”

Hart got more than a million views on the video, likely to go along with the million hashtags he put underneath it, which only add to the comical factor of it.

Real recognize real and when kevinhart4real speaks, it comes right from the Hart, 4real.