Los Angeles Lakers center Javale McGee is currently on his way to reaching the peak of his career.

The two-time NBA champion is playing at his best in South Beach and it can't be denied that he has improved a lot.

Because of his eagerness to be better each day, McGee is playing a huge role for the new-look Lakers. Currently, he is averaging career highs in points with 12.3 per game.

His defense has also improved lately. McGee's 2.9 blocks per game average is also his highest in 11 seasons in the pros.

In a play against the Indiana Pacers, he displayed how tough it was to get past through him.

In their game Thursday against the Indiana Pacers, McGee displayed what he is capable of on defense.

The Pacers tried to score on a 4-on-1 fastbreak play.

Only JaVale McGee was left standing under the rim as all his teammates were on the other side of the court. But things turned for good for the Lakers as the seven-footer simply wouldn't let the disadvantage overcome him.

Thaddeus Young attempted to finish the play with a layup, but McGee readily rejected his shot to the delight of the home crowd at the Staples Center.

The Lakers ended the match with a 104-96 win to improve their slate to 12-9.

That was good enough for the seventh spot in the stacked Western Conference. In a 10 game stretch, the Lakers went 7-3 to turnaround their fortunes after starting the season 0-3.