52 long years of heartache really has a profound effect on Cleveland Cavaliers fans. That’s why when the title drought was finally put to an end, Northeast Ohio suddenly became the East Coast’s party capital, at least for the whole week following Game 7 of the finals.

During the Cavs’ championship parade in downtown Cleveland, hordes of people came to greet the best team in the NBA. The view from the top was surreal with hundreds of thousands of Wine and Gold supporters flocking the streets. On land, it was as crazy, but the one that tops it all was a random person with an even more random appetite. The grandaddy of them all. That guy.

WARNING. This is not for the weak stomach.



Each and every Cavalier fan have that one moment of Wine and Gold pride when the final buzzer sounded at Oracle Arena, be it crying, running around, or doing other stuff. But this guy really takes the cake. Actually, he should have just gotten himself a cake – a really nice one.

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