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Video: Odell Beckham Jr. makes fun of himself while posing as Lyft driver

odell beckham jr

Odell Beckham Jr. is ready to play in the first playoff game of his career on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers. The hype around the Giants-Packers matchup has transcended the rest of the games on Wild Card weekend, in large part due to the star power and history of both franchises.

On a less positive note, Beckham made headlines when he and other Giants receivers partied with Justin Bieber in Miami on Monday. According to the New York Post, there were drugs available on the boat.

Every sports radio host in the country has now chimed in on the subject. Regardless of what you think about Odell & company’s trip, there’s no doubting that it has created a distraction, thanks to the massive media reaction.

Let’s avoid diving too far into that rabbit hole, though. Instead, let’s enjoy a newly released video of Beckham disguised as a Lyft driver.

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Odell is just the latest athlete/celebrity to pose as a Lyft driver as part of their marketing campaign. To his credit, OBJ pulled it off quite well.

Wearing sunglasses and a beanie, Odell showed off some dance moves, made jokes at his own expense, and even faked a hilarious phone call from his mom before finally revealing himself to the riders.


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