Head coach Kevin O'Connell and the Minnesota Vikings are currently in the midst of what figures to be a highly important offseason for the future direction of the franchise. The Vikings are coming off of a 2023-24 NFL season in which O'Connell had to navigate a devasting Achilles injury to starting quarterback, forcing Minnesota to shuffle through a rotation of backup quarterbacks before ultimately spiraling out of playoff contention altogether.

Perhaps the primary storyline that will dominate this offseason for Minnesota revolves around the impending free agent status of Cousins himself, who figures to be healthy for the upcoming 2024-24 NFL season when it begins in September, and it seems as though O'Connell and his quarterback are on great terms ahead of what will be a huge decision.

“I think Kirk wants to be a Viking. He knows we want him to be a Viking. … Hopefully we can work to get there,” said O'Connell, per Kevin Seifert of ESPN on X, the social media platform formerly referred to as Twitter (via KFAN 1003). O'Connell added that he and Cousins have had a “ton” of dialogue so far this offseason regarding both football and the contract situation, per Seifert.

Kirk Cousins is sure to have several suitors when he hits free agency later this spring, including teams like the Atlanta Falcons and others who are currently mired in quarterback purgatory. Still, for his part, it seems that Kevin O'Connell is doing everything he can do bring back the Vikings' franchise quarterback to try to run it back next year.