Justin Jefferson is on the doorstep of once again making notable history in his early run with the Minnesota Vikings.

Jefferson heads into the Vikings’ Thanksgiving clash with the New England Patriots ranking in the top five in multiple stats this season, including receptions (72) and receiving yards (1,093). He has tallied 4,109 receiving yards in 43 career games played with the Vikings.

If Jefferson can notch at least 55 receiving yards against the Patriots, then he will break the mark for the most receiving yards by a player in his first three seasons in the NFL. As noted by StatMuse, this record is currently held by Randy Moss, who logged an astounding 4,163 such yards in his first three years with the Vikings.

Even if Jefferson fails to reach the 55 receiving yards mark in Week 12, he will at the least have six more games this year to break Moss’ historic record.

Overall, Jefferson holds the record for the most receiving yards by any player in his opening two seasons in the league, which stands at 3,016.

In the big picture, Jefferson sure will look to do his part to help the Vikings bounce back from their blowout home loss to the Dallas Cowboys.