WandaVision Episode 8 has come and gone. Before we get going in full, given how soon this post is being dropped after the show’s airing, please note that spoilers are following. Like right after this sentence. In this post we’ll discuss the episode, the possible WandaVision cameo, White Vision and Scarlet Witch.

In the episode, named Previously On, we learned a lot of things about Wanda. The biggest of which, though, might be the fact that she’s an actual witch and not a byproduct of HYDRA.

Scarlet Witch

WandaVision Episode 8, Scarlet Witch, White Vision, WandaVision Cameo

Well, this one feels rather obvious for fans of the comics; though the Marvel movies made zero mentions of Scarlet Witch a single time. Nonetheless, after all this hoopla, it appears as though Wanda is, indeed, Scarlet Witch.

Again, this isn’t exactly a stunning announcement. WandaVision Episode 8 was built off the back of the previous seven episodes. For all the whining and crying about there being no “big bad” (which there is… and it is called grief) or the show being a bit too much of a slow burn, it’s all coming together now.

However, Vision in Westview is a fake! A phony! A fraud.

Post Credits White Vision

Oh, the famed WandaVision Cameo. As we learned in WandaVision Episode 8, the vision residing in Westview is a creation of Wanda and Wanda alone. The real Vision… he’s been stuck in a lab by SWORD dumpster-brains who have been working on bringing him back to life.

I mean, I think?

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The key thing to note here is that this version of our hero was brought back to the living (online?) by the same people who are trying to stop Wanda.

As for the reason it’s a White Vision? There might be an answer in the comics, but I am unaware of it. My best guess is for the shock and awe factor, as well as a way to tell the difference between the two when/if they cross paths.

To be clear, that’s 100 percent speculation on my end, as I didn’t read enough of the comics to know if there’s already an answer.

WandaVision Cameo… Dud?

Another theory resting in the land of conjecture, but was the long-teased cameo that would “shock” viewers just Vision again, but this time as White Vision?

If so, how people end up feeling about this will almost certainly depend on what happens between White Vision and Scarlet Witch (or Wanda, if you want to keep it that way).

I could be wrong about this. Does seem weird that the show runners would tease an absolutely mind boggling cameo that would “top the Mandalorian,” then it be anything short of someone from the main (original) Avengers cast. After all, Mando featured Luke Bleeper Skywalker. No offender to White Vision, he’s not that big of a deal.

Nonetheless, WandaVision Episode 8 is in the books. As usual with the show, there’s more questions than answers, but that’s what makes it so special — constantly leaving us with things to theorize about for a full week.

As for Wanda’s brother, we’ll talk about him not being him in an entirely different post. Moreover, what it might mean.

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