Warner Bros is being sued by an extra for their canned DCU film, Batgirl.

The Sun is reporting that Christina Stanovici, an extra on the set of Batgirl, is suing Warner Bros over an injury she suffered. According to the outlet, Stanovici suffered a broken thigh, shin, hip, pelvis, and thumb as well as a gash on her head on the DCU set.

Stanovici was playing a bystander during a late-night scene that was being filmed in Galsgow. A camera-carrying machine then hit into her, causing her to be rushed to the hospital. “To hear the anesthesiologist say ‘we had our fingers crossed for you' really sends a chill down your spine,” she said. “The surgeon told me it was one of the worst cases he has seen in his eight years at the hospital.”

Batgirl has had a tumultuous journey at Warner Bros. The DCU film was filmed but then canned by Warner Bros despite being completed and with a budget of $90 million. Batgirl was originally developed for Max (formerly HBO Max) like Blue Beetle. Unfortunately, it didn't see the light of day.

Leslie Grace was set to star as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. J.K. Simmons was set as James Gordon. The rest of the ensemble was filled with Jacob Scipio, Brendan Fraser, Ivory Aquino, and Michael Keaton. Keaton previously reprised the role of Batman in The Flash after decades of not playing the role. This was set to be his second return and he would be playing a mentor-like role for the titular hero.