Warriors news: Steve Kerr may have known Kevin Durant could possibly 'tweak' his Achilles
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Warriors coach Steve Kerr may have known Kevin Durant could possibly ‘tweak’ his Achilles

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A recent clip of ABC’s pre-game coverage of Game 5 of the NBA Finals shows ESPN sideline reporter Doris Burke telling play-by-play announcer Mike Breen that Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was well aware of the implications that came with playing Kevin Durant.

“Steve Kerr said: ‘Listen, we have no long-term concerns or Achilles issues, what we know is he could possibly tweak it,” said Burke during the pre-game broadcast.

If found to be accurate, the Warriors could be looking at the bad end of a medical negligence lawsuit by part of Durant, as well as the endless repercussions that come with developing a reputation to be wildly irresponsible when it comes to handling injuries.

Kerr has already “misspoken” a few times when it comes to injuries during this playoff stretch, so this could be one of those things if given the benefit of the doubt — but those looking to get into the Durant witch hunt and find a culpable party for this career-altering injury — they might just have found at least one part of the guilty party.

It’s likely the Warriors training staff knew Durant wasn’t 100% ready to return, most players aren’t at this juncture. Yet to risk even further injury can be quickly pointed to a case of poor judgment, one ensuing free agents will be wary of if the organization comes calling over the summer.

This could also have further consequences, like layoffs for a brand-new assembled training staff, headed by Dr. Rick Celebrini, who replaced an endeared Chelsea Lane after she took the same position with the Atlanta Hawks last summer.