The Golden State Warriors fell behind the Oklahoma City Thunder two games to one in their Western Conference Finals series on Sunday night, suffering a brutal 133-105 defeat. It was the second-worst loss of the season for the Dubs, and the statistics behind their performance were even more abysmal.

However, despite the depressed expressions on the faces of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson in the dying seconds, a pair of Warriors voiced their confidence in the team's ability to respond from this adversity.

In both the Western Conference Semifinals and the NBA Finals last postseason, Golden State fell behind two games to one to the Memphis Grizzlies and the Cleveland Cavaliers, respectively. On both occasions, the Dubs stormed back to win the next three games and capture each series.

Center Andrew Bogut believes it can happen again. From SB Nation's Tim Cato:

“Yeah, we've been in this position before, but this is a different team,” Andrew Bogut said. “If we're clutching at straws trying to figure out positives, that's one (that we've been here before) you put on the board, but we know what we have to do going into next game.”

J Pat Carter/Getty Images

In both of those instances during the 2015 playoffs, the Warriors suffered close, tough losses to fall down 2-1; they've never been blown out in the playoffs in the fashion that they were on Sunday night against OKC.

The Grizzlies simply weren't up for the challenge of closing out Golden State, and after losing Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, the injury-depleted Cavs ran out of energy in their pursuit of taking down the Warriors with the title on the line.

They're aware that it will be more of a challenge this time around. From Cato:

“We've been there before,” Shaun Livingston said. “But it's not easy and they're not going to lay down.”

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