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Andre Iguodala’s shocking Kyrie Irving take after assumed Top 75 snub

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It’s not an NBA day without the name of Kyrie Irving being brought up. But this time around, it was for an entirely different topic.

Golden State Warriors veteran Andre Iguodala is a man of many thoughts. He has a book, for crying out loud! On Wednesday night, with the Warriors taking a break, he made his feelings known on Twitter about Irving not being included in the NBA’s Top 75 Greatest Players.

In fact, Iguodala said the Brooklyn Nets star should be in the top 20!

We’re not entirely sure what’s more of a travesty: Irving not making it to the list or Iguodala saying the controversial guard is a top 20 player in NBA history.

Here’s one thing clear though: Iguodala was wrong for immediately assuming. He should hold his judgment until the NBA releases all 75 names (unless he’s seen them already). As of posting, only 50 names have been announced. In fact, his Warriors teammate Stephen Curry wasn’t included in the first two lists as well. Should he question that as well?

Besides, to be fair, it doesn’t seem Irving would indeed make it. Aside from hitting the title-clinching shot in the 2016 NBA Finals, the former Duke standout hasn’t really carved a legacy for himself compared to the other NBA legends. In recent years, he’s been more known for his erratic behavior than for his great talent.

Kyrie Irving’s refusal of the COVID-19 vaccine only hurts his chances of earning favors from NBA observers. So no, he presumably won’t crack the NBA’s 75th anniversary squad.

Delete your tweet, Iggy!