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Andrew Bogut responds to Joel Embiid’s jab at Warriors

Warriors, Andrew Bogut, Joel Embiid

Andrew Bogut proved he was aware but unbothered by Joel Embiid’s comments after taking a 3-1 lead on the Brooklyn Nets, as the Philadelphia 76ers big man quickly pointed to being careful not to blow a 3-1 lead like the Golden State Warriors did in 2016.

Somehow the phrase never gets old, but the Aussie center addressed it for the sake of readers of Yahoo Sports Australia.

“Joel Embiid saying the 76ers don’t want to do what we did in the 2016 Finals is just Joel being Joel – he’s a bit of a larrikin,” wrote Bogut. “But they have to get to a Finals series first before they can even think about doing that.

“It’s been a funny talking point for a lot of people in the league. But we haven’t taken any notice of it and it’s not something that’s been mentioned in the locker room.”

Embiid and the Sixers have yet to reach the NBA Finals, let alone the Eastern Conference Finals, making that the perfect shut-up moment for Bogut.

Bogut has the experience of being in two NBA Finals and Embiid has yet to even make regular appearances in the playoffs.

While the Nets might not be the ones to take him down, the Sixers still have plenty of unanswered questions in this postseason, and until he answers them, it’s unlikely the Warriors will care to answer any of his jabs directly.