We just witnessed vintage Stephen Curry on Sunday night. If there was ever a doubt about who the best point guard in the league is, Stephen Curry just silenced those doubts. The Golden State Warriors improve to 3-3 on the season with a 137-122 win over the Portland Trail Blazers thanks to a 62-point effort from Stephen Curry.

Curry shot 18-31 from the field, shooting 50% from deep. To go along with Curry's 8 threes, he also poured in 18 points from the free throw line, going 18/19. Steph was absolutely unstoppable for the Warriors in this one.

Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum were terrific for the Blazers combining for 60 points in the loss. Most nights that would be enough to get the win, but when Stephen Curry scores his career high, a loss is almost guaranteed.

After the game, Dame made sure to pay his respects to Curry.


Curry was having a a solid start to his season prior to Sunday night's game, averaging 26.4 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 6.6 assists per game in five starts for the Warriors. His percentages have not been very good, shooting only 32% from deep, so it's nice to see a vintage Curry performance so early in the season.

Is it too early to say ‘MVP'? Yes, definitely. Six games is not enough time to make a case for MVP, but it sure puts him right at the top of the short list. But one thing's for certain – Stephen Curry is still the heart and soul of the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors are going to need more performances like this from Curry if they want to be a playoff team in the Western Conference.