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DeMarcus Cousins liking IG comments saying he ruined the NBA

Do it to em, Boogie! DeMarcus Cousins liking Instagram comments saying he ruined the NBA is the perfect level of pettiness. NBA fans have descended upon the All-Star center with every insult you can imagine after he signed with the Golden State Warriors.

But instead of completely ignoring the haters, Boogie is casually liking Instagram comments that are tossing slander his way. The pettiness level is fantastic.

Fans are certainly free to have their opinions on Cousins’ signing, but it’s almost like Boogie can’t win.

For most of his career, he was seen as a cancer on teams. Many thought he only cared about himself and his own stats. He was often described as a guy that put himself ahead of the team.

But now that he took less money to win a championship, he’s seen as a snake who’s ruining the sanctity of the league. No one is talking about how one of the NBA’s biggest wild card is taking a meager salary with the intent to win a championship and rehabilitate his career in the process.

After all the things that were said about Cousins, he’s doing exactly the opposite of what people always expected of him.

It’s impossible to please everybody so Boogie should tune out the haters and focus on getting back on the court for the Warriors. Or maybe, instead of tuning out the haters, he can continue to passively-aggressively like their Instagram slander.