Draymond Green is returning to the Golden State Warriors, though plenty of NBA fans couldn't help but feel the Dubs overpaid for the defensive star.

Green agreed to a four-year, $100 million deal at the start of free agency, per Marc J. Spears of Andscape and ESPN. The deal has a player option in the fourth-year, which means that Green will be paid handsomely even at his age-37 season.

Of course Green getting a massive deal isn't really that surprising. Even Stephen A. Smith shared recently that he still sees Dray as a $100 million man. And sure enough, he is.

However, some critics noted that it's a mistake since it's just massive commitment on the Warriors' part. Not to mention that Green has plenty of control in his future with the player option he got.

“25 mil a year is hefty but I get why they did it,” a commenter said.

Another one noted, “That 4th year is why Rich Paul is who he is, the Warriors had no business agreeing to pay a 37/38 year old Draymond Green 25 mil, but hey, it ain’t trickin if you got it.”

“I think this is a mistake honestly. Could’ve used that 100 mil on younger guys to add depth,” a critic added.

“Draymond getting $25 million annually and that 4th-year player option. This probably won't age well, but there's no doubt how important he is to the Warriors,” a fourth Twitter user shared.

The Warriors really need Draymond Green in order to keep competing for the NBA title. He's the heart and soul of the Dubs, and he's their vocal leader who isn't afraid to call out anyone even if it's Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson. Green is basically an irreplaceable member of the championship core.

Only time will tell how Green's deal will pan out for the Dubs, but for now, Dray is a Warrior once again. Whether NBA Twitter is happy or not, they have no other choice but to accept it.