Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson will be an unrestricted free agent where it is not currently a lock if he returns for his 12th season with the team that drafted him back in 2011 with the 11th overall pick. However, his teammate in Warriors star Draymond Green warns Thompson about free agency and how it “is not a fun place” as he said on his self-titled show.

“Klay will ultimately have to make a decision and he'll go into free agency, he'll see I'm sure, I know how this business goes, he'll see what's out there he'll continue to talk to the Warriors,” Green said. “There will be negotiations that needs to be had. One thing I will say that I learned last year, and I had never been through in my career, free agency is not a fun place. Free agency kind of sucks. There are a couple people every now and then where free agency could be fun, but like the reality is free agency is like uncertainty, and if there's anything all of us hate in life is uncertainty. You're always looking for certainty in whatever it is that you do.”

The 34-year old shooting guard alongside Green and superstar Stephen Curry were the main pieces to the Warriors dynasty that won four championships, but it's seeming like their run has come to an end. They lost to the Sacramento Kings Tuesday night in the NBA Play-In Tournament in disappointing fashion, 118-94, where Thompson was held scoreless missing all of his 10 shots from the field and six from three-point range.

Green warns his Warriors teammate in Thompson about his market value

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson (11) and forward Draymond Green (23) during the third quarter against the Los Angeles Lakers at Chase Center.
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While some may say Thompson is in the twilight years of his career, he can still possibly seek out a fresh start with a different team and still be a dangerous three-point shooing threat. Last season, he averaged 17.9 points, 3.3 rebounds, and 2.3 assists per game while shooting 43.2 percent from the field and 38.7 percent from deep.

However, Thompson will have to choose what is best for him, but Green wants to make sure his teammate understands that while he might have assumptions about his market value, “ultimately it boils down to what is someone willing to offer you.” He also mentioned how with his age, “you don't know what your market is.”

“Free agency is like an uncertain place, you think your market is this, you think your market is that, that person over there thinks your market is this, ultimately it boils down to what is someone willing to offer you,” Green said. “I could think my market is whatever I wanted to think it is, but until you get to the free agency table and the offers start rolling in you don’t know what your market is.”

The Warriors had a frustrating season to say the least as it involved the dip in Thompson's production and Green going through multiple suspension stints. However, there's no doubt that Green and even Curry wants Thompson to return and bounce back next season after finishing with a 46-36 record.