The Golden State Warriors have now won four of the last eight NBA Championships, having reached the NBA Finals six times. When you become so accustomed to winning, sometimes it’s hard to remain humble. But that has never been a strong suit of Draymond Green’s anyway. The outspoken four-time NBA Champion took to Twitter Sunday and dropped a take that might have set the mic on fire.

Green posted: “I’m watching the 98 Bulls vs Utah in the Finals… I can’t help but notice our 2017 team would’ve beaten these Bulls by a dub and these Jazz by 40 if they’re going to play these brands of basketball. And that’s why it’s dumb to compare Era’s.”

Draymond Green is correct that it’s practically useless comparing era’s in professional sports. But to say that the 2017 Warriors would easily beat the 1998 Bulls led by Michael Jordan sounds blasphemous.

It’s hard to know exactly what Green meant by ‘these brands of basketball.’ But most people who know basketball well believe that if Jordan played today, he might average 40 points or more per game. The lack of hand checking and excessive foul calls would easily favor Jordan with the ball in his hands.

In the 1990’s, the NBA was far more physical. Green would have loved it. But the rest of his Warriors teammates, including Kevin Durant in 2017, probably would not. We witnessed what physicality on Durant looks like in this past postseason when the Celtics muscled him around.

It’s probably fair to say that the outcome of a matchup like that might depend on what set of rules they were playing with.