Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green got ejected for the first time this season after angrily yelling at teammate James Wiseman. Unfortunately for the three-time All-Star, one official thought he was screaming in his direction and decided to give him the boot against the New York Knicks on Thursday.

With a minute left before halftime of the two team's match at Chase Center, Green directed his ire at the Warriors' rookie center for seemingly jogging back late on defense. But given the 6-foot-6 forward's notorious reputation, the referee perceived he was yelling some expletives his way and gave him a technical foul.

Green was already called for one earlier in the Warriors-Knicks contest and was disqualified for the rest of the evening. Here's the questionable sequence that led to Draymond hitting the showers early.

Prior to his ejection, Draymond Green had three points and eight assists in 17 minutes of play for the Warriors. He went 1-of-3 from downtown. The 30-year-old forward was likely just giving James Wiseman some tough love, considering he has taken him under his wing this season.

The Warriors, meanwhile, entered tonight's contest as winners of five of their last six games. Draymond Green has started slow so far at the beginning of the season, but his presence will certainly be missed by the Dubs in the second half.

The Warriors are trying to gain momentum and develop cohesion on their roster in the early months of their season. There is a growing consensus among NBA watchers that the Dubs have a special talent in James Wiseman, but also a presence which has not been integrated into the Golden State lineup. Steve Kerr and Bob Myers have to wrestle with how they want to integrate Wiseman into their larger plans. A lack of compatibility could force them into an uncomfortable place after this season, with Klay Thompson waiting in the wings for 2022.