Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green got a Milwaukee Bucks fan ejected on Tuesday following a heated exchange between him and the said supporter.

Green was seen on camera talking to the referees about the said fan before the officials contacted security to get the man out of his seat and the arena. Prior to that, Green had a heated back-and-forth with the courtside fan, though it's unclear what has been said between the two or what started the exchange.

What's clear, however, is that Draymond Green was not happy with the Bucks fan. He even had some choice words for the man as he was exiting, as he can be heard saying, “You ain’t shit…Explain yourself if you want to be heard n****.”

It's not the first time a player has asked officials to have some fans taken out, and it's usually for legitimate reasons. Remember when LeBron James did the same to a couple of Indiana Pacers fans last season for apparently saying something inappropriate about his son, Bronny James?

If the referees deemed it warrants an ejection, then something bad might have been really said.

Only Green and the fan ejected can shed more light on what really happened. For now, both Bucks and Warriors supporters can only wait for their statements on the matter to really learn what happened that led to the ugly exit.

As for the game, the Bucks ended up beating the Warriors 128-111. While it's a big win for Milwaukee, the story of the game will certainly focus on all the controversies that happened on the court–and off it.