Warriors news: Draymond Green jokes how Dubs bounce back after a loss
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Warriors’ Draymond Green jokingly details how Dubs bounce back after a loss

Draymond Green, Warriors

Since a massive blowout against the Portland Trail Blazers just before Valentine’s Day, the Golden State Warriors have failed to win two consecutive games. And with their shocking 126-125 defeat on Wednesday night at the hands of the Miami Heat courtesy of a Dwyane Wade hail mary flip shot (the team also gave them a scare earlier in the month at Oracle), the Dubs are now 2-3 as they head on a Florida back-to-back with the Orlando Magic.

When asked how they plan on regrouping, the always-entertaining Draymond Green joked with reporters on what the game plan is.

“We go out, you know, put our shorts on. You know some guys wear an undershirt, probably put that on. And get your jersey on. Possibly then make it to your socks, and then if you get to your shoes you tie them up and you just go play the game and that’s that. It don’t take a rocket scientist.”

The 6-foot-8 Swiss Army Knife is probably just being facetious as a way to show the defending champion’s resolve in spite of their recent setbacks given that their March schedule is one of their toughest yet with four of the next five games against high-seeded playoff teams from both conferences. These next few games would prove crucial when it comes to playoff seeds with the Denver Nuggets hot on their tail with a nearly-identical record, and Oklahoma City Thunder and the Blazers not far behind as well.