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Warriors likely to wait for buyout market, lay low during trade deadline

Steve Kerr

Through the wake of the blockbuster Blake Griffin trade that shook a relatively meek NBA trade deadline to its core, other teams are likely to remain put through Feb. 8.

The Golden State Warriors have a sizable four-game lead on the Houston Rockets for first place in the West and are likely not to pursue any deals this upcoming deadline, according to Marc Stein of The New York Times. Instead, the defending champions are much more likely to pick out candidates from the buyout market later down the road.

“I don’t see a trade coming for the Warriors,” wrote Stein. “They’re said to be waiting for the buyout market after the trade deadline to look for additional depth, given the age of some of Golden State’s bench players and the various issues that have plagued key newcomers Nick Young (inconsistency) and Omri Casspi (injury). It’s still too soon to say exactly what sort of talent will be available on the 2018 buyout market, but interesting names are bound to pop up.”

Young’s health has gotten him decent minutes, but not likely the kind he was expecting. Yet the camaraderie and overall good feel of being in a winning team has done enough to keep his spirits high throughout this part of the season. Casspi has gotten a few opportunities with Durant on the shelf, but his injuries have not helped him secure an active role with the team.

The likes of JaVale McGee haven’t panned out this season, as coach Steve Kerr is opting for more fluid, multi-positional lineups that can play at power forward as well, which makes him the single most likely to be waived if the Warriors pursue a potential buyout target down the road.