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Miami Heat announcing crew goes hard at David West

david west

During the second quarter of Sunday’s game between the Golden State Warriors and the Miami Heat, the normally reserved Shaun Livingston was thrown out of the game after making a poor decision to go ballistic at a referee. So incensed Livingston was of a missed call that he bumped his head on referee Courtney Kirkland’s.

Livingston’s behavior clearly warranted more than just a technical foul, so his being tossed out of the court was a no-brainer. What’s baffling, however, was the confusion the Heat’s broadcast team of Eric Reid and Tony Fiorentino were having in the booth, as the two initially thought that it was Warriors power forward David West who got kicked out of the game.

Only after they passionately announced West’s “ejection” and told their viewers a little about West’s background as a notorious whiner when Reid and Fiorentino realized they were grilling the wrong dude.

Twitter people weren’t about to let Miami’s broadcast team get away easily, however.

To be fair with Reid and Fiorentino, though, David West did come at the referee, but minus the intention of cracking Kirkland’s skull.

With Shaun Livingston out of the contest, Nick Young and Patrick McCaw will get a minor bump in their minutes against the Heat.