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RUMOR: Kelly Oubre Jr. potential suitors, revealed

Kelly Oubre, Warriors, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson

The Golden State Warriors have an important decision to make on Kelly Oubre Jr.’s future with the squad. With the 25-year-old set to enter free agency in the summer, it also looks like the Dubs are going to have some competition if they actually intend to offer Oubre an extension.

According to reports, several teams have already shown interest in signing Obure in the offseason, including the Miami Heat, the San Antonio Spurs, and the New York Knicks (h/t Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports):

According to league sources, Miami, San Antonio and the New York Knicks are among the teams interested in Oubre in free agency, and it’s easy to see him at his best, fitting into those places.

We already reported earlier in the week how the Knicks have been linked to a swoop for Oubre. However, this recent development now throws the Heat and the Spurs in the mix. Both the Knicks and the Heat (and maybe even the Spurs to some degree?) are big-market teams, which goes to show just how attractive Oubre’s value/marketability is right now. Oh, and he’s a pretty good basketball player, too.

As for the Warriors, they might just be priced out of the race to sign Oubre. Golden State isn’t exactly the most flexible team when it comes to cap space, and depending on how much Oubre demands in his new deal, it is very much possible that he’s already played his last game as a Warrior.