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Kendrick Perkins says middle finger gesture toward Kevin Durant was ‘never hostile’ but ‘f**k him. That’s how I feel’

Kendrick Perkins, Kevin Durant, Warriors

Kendrick Perkins visibly walked from the bowels of Quicken Loans Arena, passing by from the back of the press conference auditorium only to raise both arms up high and flip the bird on Warriors forward Kevin Durant, who was taking his turn at the mic.

Formerly a teammate of Durant, Perkins confirmed it was indeed him who flipped off the reigning Finals MVP during that moment after a rousing 43-point performance in Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

“Yeah,” Kendrick Perkins confirmed to Anthony Slater of The Athletic the next day. “Fuck him. That’s how I feel.”

But the big man, who is yet to play a single game this season, said it was all in the good nature of competition.

“Never hostile,” Perkins said. “We competing, but we family.”

Perkins was not only a veteran presence in his time with the Oklahoma City Thunder, but also one that unified the locker room, often acting as a mediator between Durant and his former co-star Russell Westbrook.

Yet Big Perk remains a ruthless competitor, even if he’s yet to suit up for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The big man got into a verbal spat with Stephen Curry during the end of the third quarter of Game 2, as Curry launched a desperation three in attempt to beat the buzzer, but Perkins left his legs splayed from his seat on the bench, which upset an injury-prone Curry.

It’s hard to say if Perkins and Kevin Durant are in amicable terms right now, but the former can’t be very happy about his team trailing 3-0 at this stage of the postseason.