The Golden State Warriors are clicking on all cylinders after having won 11 straight games with their victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday night. What has made their stretch even more impressive is how they have managed to do it without superstar point guard Stephen Curry at the helm.

Although the Warriors' goals for this year have not changed, that has not stopped their players from setting individual milestones for themselves. For star shooting guard Klay Thompson, that means potentially winning another three-point contest. However, he acknowledged that the only way it will happen is if he is selected to the 2018 NBA All-Star Game, according to ESPN's Chris Haynes:

Many may remember Thompson's impressive run during the All-Star festivities in 2016 when he beat out Curry the for the three-point crown. Now it seems he is ready to go back and reclaim his throne this year should the stars align just right.

However, Thompson's comments indicate that even he is unsure of his current All-Star status despite having been selected for the past three years. Although he could easily enter the contest regardless, it seems Thompson would rather not go through the hassle just to participate in one event.

Fortunately, Curry's absence has left a bit of a void in the Warriors offense. As a result, Thompson has had to do some of the heavy lifting in the backcourt and is now averaging 20.8 points and 4.2 rebounds on 45.8 percent shooting from downtown.