It's a pretty slow time in the NBA offseason currently, but many fans have been voicing their opinion on the recent Stephen Curry-Magic Johnson debate that has popped up. Curry declared earlier this offseason that he thinks he is the best point guard of all-time over Johnson, with many people weighing in on his comments. However, there might not be a bolder take on the debate than the one we got from Richard Jefferson recently.

It's clear that Curry is making up ground on Johnson in the all-time point guard standings, and while he hasn't retired just yet, he still believes that he has already done enough to pass Johnson on that list. Jefferson vehemently disagrees, and he said that he believes the gap between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant is closer than the gap between Johnson and Curry.

For our discussion on who will be the NBA GOAT in 5 years, listen below:

Anytime you mention four of the greatest NBA players of all time in one sentence, you are going to turn heads, but this is an extremely bold take from Richard Jefferson. While Bryant is a legendary player in his own right, Jordan is widely considered to be the greatest player of all time. Saying this gap is closer than the one between Johnson and Curry is something that cannot just be ignored.

Johnson probably still has a leg up on Curry for the time being, but with Curry still adding to his impressive list of accomplishments, the same may not be able to be said once he ends up calling it a career. In Jefferson's eyes, though, it doesn't look like Curry is ever going to be better than Johnson, which will surely place another chip on the shoulders of the dominant Golden State Warriors guard.