Even before the season began, there weren't many pursuits left for Stephen Curry to chase. Steph has been named MVP twice. He now owns the record for most three-pointers ever made in NBA history. More importantly, he already had three championship rings with the Golden State Warriors, one being prior to Kevin Durant's arrival at that.

One of the last remaining knocks on him, the bullet in the chamber for critics lurking on Twitter, was the fact that he had never won NBA Finals MVP. While Warriors fans could argue for hours about how Steph Curry probably deserved it over Andre Iguodala in 2015 (He did), after closing out the Boston Celtics in Game 6 they can finally save their breath.

Stephen Curry was named the 2022 NBA Finals MVP. He was understandably emotional as he spoke to the media while cradling the said award.

β€œI've seen it up close and personal three times,” said the Warriors star. β€œNow I get to take this one home. I'm trying to be clever and I can't even be clever.”

β€œThis is freaking amazing, man. Keep your head down. Keep working. Keep walking in your purpose, and good things happen. … That is the message right there. And we got four of them.”

Stephen Curry is running out of feats left to accomplish and mountains to climb throughout his vaunted NBA career. But just like all the greatest to ever play the game of basketball will tell you, the Warriors star will continue to gun for more.