The Warriors are back, baby! The Golden State Warriors have been on an absolute tear to start the 2021 season, destroying teams behind a tenacious defense and Stephen Curry doing Stephen Curry things. Today's win over the Philadelphia 76ers put them atop the league at an impressive 16-2 record, which is a harbinger of great things for the team.

ESPN's stats department noted that there have been only 4 times in the Dubs' franchise history that they've gone 16-2 or better to start the season, including this season. The three other instances the Warriors got this standing, they made it all the way to the NBA Finals. Is this a sign of things to come for the team?

It's not impossible, especially if you consider everything happening around the team. Stephen Curry is having an MVP season that looks to top his unanimous MVP year. The Warriors have a Finals-caliber defense anchored around Draymond Green. Their supporting cast is playing unselfish ball similar to the 73-9 squad.

And perhaps more importantly, they are doing this without two of their supposed-to-be biggest contributors. Klay Thompson is slated to return to the Warriors in December, giving more life to their Finals hopes. James Wiseman has been a negative for the team in his first season, but a full training camp will hopefully acclimate him better to the Warriors system.

Is this the year the Warriors go back to the Finals? Will Stephen Curry finally win that elusive Finals MVP trophy? With every dominant game the team plays, the answers to these questions seem to hinge closer and closer to yes.