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Steve Kerr concerned more about half-court execution than shot distribution

Steve Kerr

In the midst of a two-week absence for Stephen Curry with a sprained right ankle, Steve Kerr isn’t concerned for the shot allocation for his remaining two best scoring options in Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, but rather how the plays are executed in the half court.

“The biggest thing is — we don’t need KD or Klay to shoot every time,” he said. “The word is ‘now it’s time for KD and Klay to step up.’ — We don’t need them to step up by shooting every time, we need them to step up with leadership and calming influences, and making sure we’re running our stuff really well.”

“We’re the best transition [offense] team in the league, our half-court offense sometimes is lacking because we rely too much on our talent and don’t maybe pay attention. We have to pay attention. This has to grab our attention as a team.”

Kerr has constantly made a concerned effort to call timeout in segments of the game where he feels his players are getting away from passing and moving the ball the way he’s preached through his three years with the team.

Durant and Thompson’s role will be to take the smart shot and make the right play, rather than seeing an increase of five shots per game, instead letting that happen through the natural flow of the game through the movement of the ball.