Tuesday night's game between the Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks felt like an actual playoff game. Luka Doncic's 40-point triple-double powered his team to a win, but the Dubs had a good chance of stealing that W away. Unfortunately, the shot was overturned after referees called a travel on Steph Curry's final shot.

The call was rather controversial, as it was similar to some moves other players did before. Nonetheless, Steve Kerr acknowledged that it was unfortunately the call that was made in the post-game interview courtesy of HoopsHype. The Warriors coach also said that it was a good thing that the referees were cracking down on travel calls like Steph Curry. All he asks, though, is some consistency.

“If we're going to call that now, we've got to call it all the time because it happens 30 times a game. I'm really happy that the officials are going to emphasize it…”

This isn't the only dribbling-related violation that the Warriors have been dealing with this season. Jordan Poole also had to re-do some of his moves, as they started being called “carries” by an official. It's certainly a change that would benefit the sport as a whole. However, expect more starts to take an adjustment period to these new calls.

The loss to the Mavs put the Warriors back to the .500 range for the season. After a disastrous start to the year, Steph Curry and co. seem to finally find their legs again. The quest for Steve Kerr's squad to repeat this season is in full swing now.