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Will Stephen Curry’s Warriors Be The Best 3pt Shooting Team In The NBA

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In the past, the three-point shot was for guards and wings only. In the modern NBA, however, shooting threes are necessary for all five positions. Big men are shooting it often and efficiently. Perimeter players are taking the shot with no hesitation. Then there is the GOAT of the three-point shot, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry, who introduced the league to the logo three. Sure he wasn’t the first person to take the shot, but he’s one of the names you think of when talking about it.

The Warrior’s current roster consists of plenty of shooting. They currently have eight players under contract who have gone an entire season shooting the three at 40%. Then you have Andrew Wiggins, who shot a career-high 38%, which is really good as well. With nine players shooting just about 40%, it’s pretty safe to say assume next season the Warriors will be one of the elite three-point shooting teams.

You also can expect a player like Jordan Poole to take a jump in the three-point percentage category. He shot 35% last season, which isn’t a bad thing, especially for a player in his developmental stage. It’s actually pretty good when you add in how often a player shoots it from deep. Poole shot it from deep slightly over five times per game. Golden State inserting shooters everywhere on the court, even in the second unit, could help Poole make the 40% club.

It gets even better with a new crop of talent coming in via the 2021 NBA Draft.

The Dubs grabbed Moses Moody from Arkansas with the 14th pick. The Warriors happily chose him primarily due to his shooting potential. In Moody’s introduction press conference, the incoming rookie let everyone know how confident he is with his shot.

He recognizes his shooting is the reason why the Warriors went with him as the 14th pick. Moody is set to make his summer league debut for the Warriors on Tuesday. We should see how he adjusts to the NBA three-point line. At the college level, Moody shot the ball at 35%. But he’s already getting extra shots up to make sure in the NBA that percentage rises.

It will be a few players on the squad who are unlikely shooting the three consistently. Still, with this much shooting surrounding those guys, will we even notice? This many snipers on one team could be deadly.

It might get even more absurd as moves are made. The Warriors can still possibly can add more shooting to the squad before October. The Warriors are on a mission to get back to elite status, and it looks like shooting is the weapon they think will take them there. Why wouldn’t they? It was the foundation for past success, after all.