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Video: Warriors star D’Angelo Russell working on quick release, playing through contact

D'Angelo Russell, Warriors

New Golden State Warriors star D’Angelo Russell is already putting in the work this summer, and he’s been focusing on his quick release and ability to play through contact.

In a video posted by Warriors Wire, Russell seems to have seamlessly added the quick release jumper to his arsenal. Given that he’ll be playing with the Splash Brothers, Russell is expected to be a reliable shooter — be it on spot-ups or pull-ups.

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The ability to operate through contact is a must for every guard in the NBA. Russell, who’s entering his fifth year in the league, is well aware of this. D’Lo is expected to experience tougher defending next season, especially after his All-Star season with the Brooklyn Nets.

In an interview with Kevin Lincoln of GQ in August, Russell admitted that being with a championship team motivates him to elevate his game further. He knows he’ll be playing with some of the best players players and coaches in the game today, so he needs to match their level for the team up to fully work.

“I think you can only get better from it. When you’re going to a championship organization, being around Hall of Fame players and Hall of Fame coaches, it forces you to be that level, too,” Russell said. “You are what you’re around. I’m a believer in that. I think I have nothing but knowledge to learn from being around all those guys.”

For Warriors fans, the clip above is definitely a good sign. Russell proved that he can be a superstar in this league. With the Dubs, he wants to prove that he can win and play for the title.