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Video: Draymond Green gets into Lauren Holtkamp’s face, receives a tech

The Golden State Warriors imploded in a bar-measuring tilt against the Oklahoma City Thunder and their emotional leader Draymond Green was no exception.

Green received a technical foul after the first half ended with a missed layup attempt from Russell Westbrook, going over to complain to referee Lauren Holtkamp, visibly angry from a prior play.

Green’s mouth was bloodied from the last play in a game where the physicality got started from the first quarter. Pointing at his mouth, Green stalked Holtkamp after play had finished, arguing his case, at which point she seemed to say “Draymond… Draymond… Draymond… Draymond please get out of my face… please get out of my face.”

Green has been very vocal when it comes to calls and his reputation precedes him, and while he’s used to being the underdog boxing out players taller than him on the daily, hounding the 6-foot Holtkamp all around the court once play has stopped was the recipe for his first technical foul.

The Warriors forward would receive his second technical and consequent ejection with eight minutes left in the fourth quarter, visibly upset with the game was being called and looking for ways to get ejected.

Green soft-tossed the ball toward the official, making it a sure-fire way to earn his 13th technical foul of the season, now three away from a one-game suspension with 28 games left on the schedule.

The often-vocal forward totaled 15 last season, avoiding a game suspension, but at this rate, it seems he’s almost destined to serve it.