The NBA offseason is nearing its final stages and the players are sure to make the most of it. Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant was seen partying with Boston Celtics young stud Jayson Tatum and his superstar teammate, Kyrie Irving.

Just a couple of days ago, KD was spotted putting up shots with Irving in the American Airlines Arena in downtown Miami. With the Warriors and the Celtics tipped as heavy favorites to battle for the crown come June next year, could it be that Durant is trying to gain more scouting intel against his potential rivals? Well, of course, that's a long shot. Today's NBA players have great off-court relationships that translate to them hanging out with each other especially during the summer.

Meanwhile, the 20-year old Tatum is coming off an impressive rookie season as he showed his wares as a future centerpiece of the Celtics. He displayed his potential as a deadly two-way player especially with his performance in the team's unexpected deep playoff run last year.

Bill Simmons of The Ringer had him pegged as the Celtics' best player during that postseason as the team did not have the luxury to field two of their best players in Gordon Hayward and Kyrie due to injuries.

“He made clutch shots, drew crucial fouls, honed his increasingly good sense of the moment. He started comprehending the value of, you know, having your best remaining scorer get more involved in the offense. Everything on the defensive side clicked, especially switching (not easy) and not getting demolished by bigger guys in the low post (save for LeBron, who demolishes everybody).”

Celtics analyst and former player Brian Scalabrine compared Tatum to Durant, via Celtics Wire's Quenton S. Albertie.

“Citing the similarities between Durant’s pull-back crossover dribble and Tatum’s own, the comparison doesn’t seem too far-fetched. Furthermore, both are highly intelligent players with a score-first mindset from the small forward position.”

The trio may be having a good time with each other this summer. Come June next year, we may see them dancing to a different song. A dance that will pit them against each other for the coveted basketball crown.