Following the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ defeat at the hands of the Golden State Warriors in Game 4 of the NBA Finals, LeBron James told the media that he thought Draymond Green‘s trash talk had crossed the line.

Members of the Dubs said that LeBron should have thicker skin to brush off whatever was said, but James remained adamant that he wasn't okay with Green's words.

“Some of the words that came out of his mouth were a little bit overboard,” James said. “And being a guy with pride, a guy with three kids and a family — things of that nature — some things just go overboard and that’s where he took it.”

Marc Spears of The Undefeated filled us in on what Green said:

According to sources, Green looked James dead in the face and called him a “b—-.”

One NBA player in earshot of the trash-talk told The Undefeated that James responded by saying that he was the father of three kids and a man.

Green responded back, according to the player, by saying: “You’re still a b—-.”

LeBron James
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

So, did Green cross the line? Charles Barkley believes he did, from The Undefeated:

“I’d be mad, also. You can’t call me a [b—-],” Barkley told The Undefeated via text.

Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue knows that the only way to stop it is to do something about it:

“I don’t know what crossing the line is, but you just play the game,” Lue said. “The trash-talking happens. But if you’re winning the game, you should talk trash.

“Do something about it.”

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